March 14, 2008

College Is No Longer For the Weak.

Someday, I wouldn't mind going back to school. Right now however, my schedule is busy enough that I doubt I will have time for a college away from home. If and when I do head back to school, I want to make sure I'm doing something I absolutely love in life. Whether it's writing or...... WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA. HA. Swelling Brain...

Okay, whew! Now that I've had an insane little laugh, let's get back to work. If you're considering college and thinking about something along the lines of mechanical engineering, check out Kettering University's website.

Here's what the big dogs of the media have to say about them....

US News and World Report has ranked Kettering University as "the #1 University in the nation for Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering" in its annual "America's Best Colleges Guide for 2008".

Hmmm Yep. Recognized by the big dogs in the media. Personally, I really don't think too many colleges can boast that they've been noted as one of US News Best Colleges. Pretty cool I'd say.

Still not sure? Consider this, you could be sitting at home bored off your ass like me, or you could be out getting your degree in something you love. The choice is yours. Make it a good one.