March 14, 2008

Cleansing for Health

I don't know anyone who would want to have their colon cleansed by a doctor. Just thinking about it gives me a painful feeling. While a detoxifying program is not a replacement for more serious colon problems, can offer the solution you may need for a simple colon cleanser.

While I am not sure about the price $99.98 for two bottles... They are offering an exclusive web offer by throwing in a third bottle for free. So you're basically getting 3 bottles at a price of about $33 each. That's not too bad in comparison of other health herbs. If you're interested in saving a little more, you can purchase their buy 3 at $149.57, get 2 free deal. That adds up to about $30 per a bottle.

BTW, please take a look at their FAQ's area if you decide to check this offer out. If you have further questions, like about Shipping and Handling, you may want to call their customer service number.