March 25, 2008

A Classic Chevy Update

My husband has what will someday be considered a classic truck. Well, maybe... It's a 1979 GMC Chevy pickup. It's not only old in years however, it's also old as in shape. The truck is falling apart, yet he still drives it. It's his baby and he'll be keeping it for the rest of his life.

He knows that it's going to need to be re-built, inside and out...and when it's time to makeover his baby, he'll want only the best.

Wood Dash Expert Inc. offers custom Chevy grilles that will make his baby shine. Yep. Even for as old as my husband's truck is, Wood Dash Expert Inc. has it. Pretty cool. The price isn't too bad either. $175.00

Chevy isn't the only Make of Grilles that Wood Dash Expert Inc. has to offer. Check them out!