March 4, 2008

BuzzFuse. Lost, But Not Forgotten

For some reason I had actually forgotten that I was a member. How odd since this website is a service I can see myself using. I guess I just got sidetracked and busy, and their site was lost amongst my other favorite links.

The interesting thing about Buzzfuse is, you can make money from your posts through them. Pretty darn insane, I think. Once you've posted your content through Buzzfuse, other members can view the post, and the more points you earn through them, the higher your ranking. The top 100 rankers get to share that month's earning pool. For March, the amount is $3500. I know that it's not much, but hey, $35 is still pretty good and better than nothing at all.

By the way, Buzzfuse isn't just for posting blog articles. If you have a favorite photo or some artwork you'd like to share, you can post that as well. Check Buzzfuse out.

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