March 14, 2008

Be Aware of Oysters and Live For Hope

Give me Gulf oysters any day of the week and I'll give you the world. Okay, so maybe that's just insane enough that it doesn't make sense. Hey, I never said I was a normal writer. Yet, as insane as my writing may be, sometimes I wonder if is even more insane than I am.

Why, you may ask? Well... has just asked me to talk about what I might enjoy finding inside of an oyster vs. a pearl. Hmm. Okay, so maybe I am not a huge fan of pearls, so it's a rather interesting thought. A thought that however, can be easily answered by me. The answer is simple. Hope. Hope for this world and those who choose to be a part of it. Hope for those who are hated upon because of appearance. Hope for those who have been abused in this life. Hope for those who cannot see beyond a color. Hope that everyone can simply, just get along.

Maybe what I would enjoy finding in a pearl is not very realistic, but then again, neither is something as simple as a carrot.

If you have a passion for oysters like me, you may be interested in visiting There you will find information on oysters, the disease Vibrio Vulnificus and how it can affect your health if oysters are not cooked properly. Please be aware of your health. After all, you only have on life to live.