March 12, 2008

The Bad and the Good of Teas

Since when is green tea suppose to taste like water? I do not recommend Carrington brand teas. I bought their green tea with ginger and discovered that there is no taste to it whatsoever. It's as if I poured myself a glass of hot water.

I do however recommend TAZO brand teas. I was introduced to them by a friend's sister and have loved them ever since! My favorite is their passion flavor tea. Of course their wild sweet orange tea is yummy as well! I am not even a fan of orange Yet, I can honestly admit, TAZO's wild sweet orange tea is GOOOD!

If you have not tried TAZO's teas, you really should. If you live in a small town like I do, it's not easy to find them. I got lucky, simply because or super Wal-mart carries a few of TAZO's flavors and our local alternative health food store carries the rest of them. If you can't find them where you live, you can always order TAZO online at places like