March 3, 2008

Another Cashcrate Update

Not too long ago, I did an update on Cashcrate. While Cashcrate has not resolved their category problem..... See my other post for details. They have added some new surveys that pay more than $1.00 each!

So, I just made $5.00 in less than an hour from them. Very cool. I am still not happy that certain surveys from Cashcrate are a waste of time, however.... Cashcrate is still worth joining, since you can just avoid those surveys that are a waste.

The surveys to avoid are the ones that ask for your email address on the page only, and offer a free gift for completing their offers that you have to pay for. Not worth it.

The surveys from Cashcrate that are worth your time are the ones that simply ask you to answer questions and enter you into drawings.

If you're new to Cashcrate and want to earn a little extra money, remember to give them a junk email address when signing up.