February 17, 2008

What Blogging is Really About

Lately the world has gone insane with blogging. But with as big as blogging has become, some tend to forget what blogging is really all about. Most bloggers tend to worry about what others will think if their blog isn't professional looking and if they don't, someone is bound to come along and remind them that their blog isn't professional.

What we forget however, is that blogging isn't about being professional. Blogging wasn't meant to be that way. Blogging is simply about writing.

When you're blogging, who do you write for? Yourself or someone other than yourself? Do you love what you are doing or has it gotten to be a real hassle lately? If you're blogging for others rather than for what you love, maybe you should stop and take a look at your blog.

Blogging should be about you. Who cares if it's professional or not. When readers come to your blog, most are looking for posts that they can relate to. Writing style, included. If you're readers are not college professionals, they certainly aren't going to be able to relate to college written words. Unless your a college professional yourself, feel free to use simple words, and don't worry so much about whether you're a professional or not.

If someone comes to your blog and starts complaining or pointing out that your blog isn't very professional, just tell them kindly that, that's not you. I can guarantee, most of your readers will not be complaining. I for one, look for blogs that interest me. I'm not there looking to see if the writing or punctuation are professional or not.

To me the heart and soul of a blog is about a writer's expressions. Not their fancy words or perfect spelling and punctuation. Now I am certainly not saying that there is anything wrong with brushing up on your spelling or punctuation a little, just don't let those professional bloggers, intimidate you. You're just as good as they are, if not better.