February 26, 2008

Osyter Awareness. Get the Facts.

Have you ever felt like the joke's on you? Well, I bet this mom-to-be Oyster did. Enjoy!

A father-to-be anxiously awaits the birth of his first child, but to his shock his wife gives birth to a baby crab. Quickly his wife looks up at him and says, "I'm sorry. I meant to tell you." To which he angrily replies, "You've been down at that crab shack eating crabs without me, again haven't you?"

If you're like me and love raw oysters, you may not even be thinking about the serious dangers of eating them raw. Oysters like, Gulf oysters can be very dangerous for some people. They can carry Vibrio vulnificus, a disease that can cause serious illness in some people.

An easy way to avoid the disease is by making sure you eat cooked oysters rather than raw ones. If you're like me however, eating cooked verses raw is easier said than done. So if this is the case, please at least educate yourself through Be Oyster Aware's website and get the real facts about consuming raw oysters. It could save your life.