February 15, 2008

Online or Offline Business? What Do You Think?

Eventually I would like to be able to open my own business. Whether it will be locally owned or online, I'm not sure. One thing I know is for sure. If I plan to open a business online, I'll need a way for customers to complete their purchases on my website.

Most may think it's easy. Unfortunately, unless you're knowledgeable in running a website business, it's easier said than done. In order for customers to complete a purchase, I will need some form of a shopping cart to create my online store with. And since I'm not very knowledgeable with all of the Shopping cart software available on the market today, it gets pretty confusing.

I was just checking out AShop Commerce. They specialize in things like ecommerce software (aka: Shopping cart software). AShop Commerce offers an easy way to create my very own online store. With their affordable ecommerce software, I can create an online store without the need of installation whatsoever. I like that idea.

I've also noticed that they offer a 10-day free trial just in case I decide I hate the idea of an online store or shopping cart program. They offer all of the major credit cards to my customers, including paypal, which is very convenient for me.... and they have live support. Live support might not mean much to some people, but believe me, after the insane day I had today, live support sounds heavenly!

Hmm, so maybe an online store wouldn't be a bad idea in the near future. What do you think?