February 24, 2008

Maxim Magazine a Fraud???

Since when do well-known magazines just guess on how a band's new album is going to sound? Apparently that's what Maxim is now doing, according to Yahoo News and the band, The Black Crowes.

The Black Crowes claim that the writer of the review has never even heard their new album, "Warpaint," since the CD has not been made available in advance. Hmmm.

So what do the magazine's creators have to say about this? According to the band's manager, the magazine told him that it was an "Educated Guess." They also went on to say that they could not confirm or deny that the review was a fraud, but assured the press that they would continue to provide readers with what was important to them.

So, I guess their readers' interest in bands like, The Black Crowes isn't really important, huh? I'm going to guess that reading their magazine is more important than listening to music? Of course. They get more money that way! I can guess that that is the only reason their readers are important. It's all about the money.

It just makes me wonder if, their music reviews are a fraud, what about the rest of the magazine? Maybe they should become a part of the ever growing fake tabloids/newspapers like the SUN, Enquirer, etc. We could at least then be able to truly laugh at their phony publication.