February 11, 2008

Love in Mysterious Ways

Originally this post was suppose to be about a romantic experience with me. However, I think this post deserves to be about a time I remember as a child and how love works in mysterious ways.

Growing up, I never really thought much about how my parents reacted towards one another. To me they were just mom and dad. Then one day, I was away visiting family when my aunt was suddenly explaining to me that it was okay and natural for a husband and wife to be cuddling and kissing, after I had seen her brother and sister-in-law doing so in front of us.

The scene was no big deal to me and I knew it was natural. I guess she thought I would freak out because my family has never seen my parents cuddle or kiss in front of other people. That day begin to make me think about just how my parents really did react toward each other, however. I began to wonder, did they really love each other.

After that I started to pay more attention to the emotions my parents had for one another. Despite what my family didn't see, I was wittiness to my parents moments of sneaking in a hand holding or goofing off with each other with a simple giggle or pat on the leg, or simple smile at each other.

Several years prior to my aunt's conversation with me, I also remember how my father packed us all up and headed for Memphis. To my thinking it was another one of those, time to get out of the house and go on vacation moments. Most of which I dreaded because it meant long car rides and cheap motels.

Now that I think back, I know that vacation wasn't just any vacation. You see, my mother is a big fan of the legendary singer, Elvis Presley. She has every album he's ever made and her walls in their home are covered with Elvis memorabilia. Now those who are a fan of Elvis would know that he is of course from Memphis, Tennessee. My father on the other hand has never been a fan of Elvis. As a matter of fact he has never cared for his music or really liked the man.

Yet that year, he packed us all up and headed for Memphis, Tennessee to none other than Graceland, just one of the things to do in Memphis. We also stopped at the little Elvis cafe where we had our pictures taken eating ice cream and bought Elvis Presley souvenirs.

Last year, my father took my mother back to Memphis, Tennessee to none other than Graceland, of course. It was a last minute decision and certainly wasn't even planned.

Maybe my parents don't always show their love for one another in front of everyone, but my father shows his love for my mother in ways some people would never put up with. I don't know many men who would put up with Elvis all over his living room walls or hundreds of Elvis memorabilia all over the house. And I certainly don't know many men would would go as far as taking their wives to Graceland more than once in a lifetime and never asking for anything in return. To me that is the rarest love of all.

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