February 21, 2008

Linkin' Park Fan Goes Too Far

It's one thing to be a fan of music star's like Chester Bennington from the band, Linkin' Park. It's a whole other ball game when you step out of those boundaries as a fan, and become a stalker as Devon Townsend from Albuquerque, New Mexico did.

Devon used her computer at work to obtain information on Chester and his family by simply accessing his email account. From there she was able to get social security numbers, cell phone information and even personal photo's of the musician's children.

I can't imagine what he and his family went through during her time of havoc, but I can understand their feelings of terror. While things will never be the same for Chester and his family, they can finally have some peace since Devon's madness started. She has been sentenced to two years in minimum-security prison in Phoenix, according to yahoo news.

Being a fan of a celebrity or music group is great. Fans are what make stars like Chester Bennington shine in the spotlight and enjoy their success. Overstepping your boundaries as a fan however, is uncalled for.

Celebrities and musicians have just as much right to their privacy as we do. While they are photographed by the paparazzi and will have to endure much more attention than most people, it does not give someone the right to access their personal information and fool around with their lives.

Everyone deserves to be respected. Including those who are famous. Please do so.