February 4, 2008

Jenessa (Boey) and Extreme Home Makeover Edition

I have always been a big fan of the television show Extreme Home Makeover Edition. Not only does Extreme Home Makeover Edition show some fabulous work by the design team, they also give that time and hard work to a family who is in need of that new home. Awesome work and an awesome cause!

This week's show was about the Byers family from Corvallis, Oregon. Their 8 year old daughter Jenessa (known as Boey to her family) had been battling cancer since 2006, and just when they thought she was getting better, the cancer came back. But even while she was battling cancer, Jenessa would go to other cancer stricken children in the hospital and deliver stuffed animals she had bought with her allowance. She was known as an inspiration and wanted to put a smile on other children's faces, even when she was in pain herself. She even went as far as starting a blog.

Generally Extreme Home Makeover Edition's shows end in happiness. Sadly on December 28th, 2007, Jenessa passed away due to pneumonia.

I am not a big fan in the belief of god. However, Jenessa was a believer and I believe even now, she is caring for the children who have passed away from illness, just as she did in life.

It just goes to show us that without the strength of our children, there is no hope for this world. Jenessa is hope as well as our own children who have the strength to survive in this insane world.

I may not physically know Jenessa, yet she will always be remembered.

"Thank You Jenessa Nicole (Boey) Byers for inspiring us all."