February 25, 2008

Crying Over a Job

Yesterday I was excited to learn that a job I have wanted for a few years now was opening for an employee again. I had my doubts however because in the past the opening would be already filled. As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago I called them just to make certain they were still hiring because the same position was in the paper then, and sure enough the position had been filled. Well, this morning I found myself up bright an early and off to check on the job in person.

When I checked with an employee I learned they were still hiring. When I checked in with one of the main bosses, I was told they couldn't consider me because it wasn't a full-time position and I guess I had listed full or part-time work on my application.

She then went on to explain that every time they hired someone, that someone would get hired on elsewhere for more money and quit with them, so of course they can't take the risk. I even went as far as figuring up what I needed to meet bills and between my free-lancing and there, it would have been more than enough. Still, her answer was no. Sigh. I can certainly understand that. But because of those past employees it's ruined my opportunity at a great job. :(

I guess I must have really been upset because as soon as I left the place, I was in tears. I have never cried over a job. I am still regretting putting full-time on that application. I had the chance to work at my dream job and I blew it. :(

Anymore, jobs are a no win situation. If you find a really great job and love it, why not stay? Well, certainly for most it's because of a certain little thing called money. And of course that's obvious from those who left the job I wanted. While I do understand that money is a problem, I believe you should be working at a job you love.

If you're working at a job you hate, it will show and affect your job, and those around you. Why do that to yourself or others for that matter? If you have to, cut back on those gourmet coffees or trips to the fast food drive thrus on your lunch hour. Give up the weekly splurge of a manicure and do it yourself instead.

There's no reason you shouldn't be working at a job you absolutely love and there's no reason why jobs should have to be leary of potential employees who really want to work for them, all because of past employees who didn't really want the job in the first place.