February 17, 2008

Boots For the Winter

This morning I found out that northern Kansas received a nasty ice storm and snow to go along with it. Now I am wondering if that storm is headed our way. While we did survive the last ice storm just fine, I know the kids could use some nice winter boots like a pair of sheepskin boots from The Clausette.

Especially since we have to walk to school at times. Try walking about a half a mile in yucky weather. Believe me, it's no fun and we tend to avoid it, if all possible.

Most of The Clausette's boots are pretty reasonable and it looks like they have a sale on some of their shoes. I love sales. And if you're a name brand person, they do have a nice selection of name brand manufacturers that you can choose from as well.

While The Clausette does have some nice boots, I did find that their shipping and handling policy is pretty strict. So, if you're interesting in purchasing something from them, please be sure to read their shipping and handling policy, and their return policy as well.