January 21, 2008


Sometimes at work when there's not a lot to do or my thoughts simply take the rest of me hostage, I'll write ideas down for my next post on the back of company scrap paper. Lately I've been doing a lot of writing, so I will warn you now... There may be a lot more of me here in the next few weeks.

Right now my ideas are all over the place. All over my desk...to be exact. So now that you've been warned, I'll be posting at least one more insane mind post sometime between today and tomorrow. And then it's back to work I go! How utterly boring! Can someone just automatically make me rich or pay me for a job that doesn't require me to find amusing ways to keep myself awake???

Well, that's what I get for working for a company who can't keep their head on a swivel and be ready for a drop! HA! Must thank my boss for the head on a swivel thing.