January 13, 2008

Silent Cries. A Look at Domestic Abuse

A few months ago I was giving the opportunity by Shelby Sledge of Phenix & Phenix to review a book that actually hits home for me. The book, "Silent Cries" by Lisa J. Peck, is about one woman's struggle with domestic violence. Below is my review.

Silent Cries by Lisa J. Peck

It's too easy to think that a simple slap in the face or grasp of a wrist isn't abuse. It's too easy to assume that shaking a fist in the face or threatening to hurt someone isn't abuse. It's too easy to think that the person you love isn't really an abuser or a victim of abuse.

In "Silent Cries", Charlene is a mother and a wife to those around her, but behind closed doors she is a victim of domestic abuse. Through emails to her friend Judy, she slowly begins to realize that her husband isn't the wonderful man she always thought he was.

Soon Charlene breaks free from her husband's grasp, but what she thinks is a simple road ahead of her will prove that things are never as easy as they seem. Slowly she begins to re-discover what life is truly like and face her greatest fear of all, "falling in love again."

"Silent Cries" is a must read no matter who you are. If you have ever been in an abusive relationship, if you still are, or even if you may think you know of someone who is, this book is for you.

The characters may be fictional, but these are true fears based on what goes on behind the closed doors of domestic abuse.

It's a subject that should not be ignored and Author Lisa J. Peck is no stranger to that. As a matter of fact she has been a victim of abuse herself. She is a true inspiration in both writing and in life.

One final Note: Please remember that domestic abuse does not have to be physical. Emotional abuse can be just as dangerous. I know because I am a survivor of emotional abuse.