January 12, 2008


The weekend...well for me anyway, is finally here. The only thing I hate about this job is the fact that I do work Saturdays. But, in reality... I never do anything on Saturdays anyway, so it's not like it's a really big deal.lol

The only other thing I hate about my job is the fact that it's bring me down. Physically. Anymore it's difficult for me to walk. Not a good thing at all. My husband did buy me a foot spa for Xmas, but every time I try to use it is an inconvenient time for him, so I give up.lol

On a last rambling note: Had to give up my dog. She wouldn't stop fighting my husband's dog, so she had to go. Gave her to my best friend, but she lost her in a matter of minutes. Sooo now Daisy in on the run somewhere and no one seems to be able to catch her. Hope she's alright. Sigh.