January 12, 2008


I've been seeing a lot of the books for Dummies here lately and it really makes me wonder why someone would ever publish such a name. Even more curious is why someone would buy such a book that would downgrade them personally.

Think about it. Really. If you wouldn't call yourself stupid, why would you ever call yourself a dummy. Now I am sure there are those out there who wouldn't consider a book for dummies as downgrading yourself.. Plus there are those who just don't care one way or another... BUT, I for one am actually tired of seeing books labeling others in a downgrading manner. It's been really bugging me lately and the more I see those damn books, the more irritated I get. To me it's teaching our kids to say it's okay to teach someone that they're a dummy..that they're stupid. Maybe those who write such a book should take a good look at themselves and wonder who's the real dummy.

Okay, just me rambling and a pet peeve that I have. Sorry.