January 12, 2008

Cameras, Cameras, Everywhere

My friend got her husband a video camera for Xmas. She was telling me she had to run to the store to purchase some tapes so that he could use his new camera. I know him and new toys, so I'm think eventually she's going to want to get him a new battery for that camera.lol

I wonder what sort of battery it takes? I know they did a lot of their Xmas shopping online this year, so it wouldn't surprise me if she buys a battery for the camera online as well.

Speaking of batteries, East Coast Photos has batteries for all sorts of digital cameras. To be honest I never knew that digital cameras use a lithium battery? At least their prices look reasonable!!! Compared to laptop batteries, I'd buy a lithium battery from East Coast Photos anyday!!!! First I'd better look into buying a digital camera, however!!!