December 25, 2007

There's Still Beer in My Fridge

Last Saturday I had to work. When it was time to go home, the roads were nearly impossible to drive. I wasn't driving, but my boss was. Because of the snow storm there was no visibility for several miles whatsoever. At times we had to come to a complete stop. What is generally a 20 minutes drive took us a little over an hour.

Once we made it to town, the first words out of my boss's mouth was, "I need a drink!" That sounded good to me too, but we don't generally keep alcohol in the home. It's rare for us to sit down and have a drink.

So when I got home and my husband was headed to pick up pizza, I tagged along and dropped by a local convenience store to pick up a six pack of beer. Ironically it's all still sitting in my fridge, unopened. Well, it's there I guess if I ever do decide to have one. I wonder how long beer life has in a fridge?