December 2, 2007

Sushi in Kansas

I was first introduced to sushi when I lived on the east coast. When I moved back here, I realized my love for sushi would be over since there are no places near here that cater to it. I did learn from a friend that there is a little Japanese place that serves sushi on Friday afternoons only. It's also located about an hour from here. There are two problems with it, however. One - I work on Fridays. Two - I don't have a vehicle to get me there. So what's a girl to do????

Well, I've finally decided that since I can't find a place that sells sushi around here... I will try making some. :) I know that our local grocery store carries some sushi ingredients and what I can't find as far as a bamboo mat, I thought I might order online. The only thing I can't get here is fresh fish, so unfortunately frozen or another sushi alternative will have to do. :( I thought for my first try if I can find it, I'll use smoked salmon.

Has anyone ever tried making sushi? How did it turn out?