December 14, 2007

So Much For a Great Movie....

I don't really know that I recommend the movie, "I am Legend." You know...the one with Will Smith. I'm not saying it sucked like, "Bug." I'm just saying it's not as great as the previews made it out to be.

To me the movie was more like a cross between, "Resident Evil" and "28 Days Later." Now throw in a major actor like Will Smith and taaaadaaa, we have a movie!

I recall Tommy Lee Jones being in a movie called, "The Missing." It was all hyped up and then didn't live up to it's own legend..hmmm.

Okay back to "I am Legend." There was just sooo much that wasn't explained in the movie. Sooo much to leave to the imagination. Of course if you've seen "28 Days Later" or "Resident Evil", you can figure it all out on your own.