December 17, 2007

Christmas Shopping

Finally got all of the kids Christmas shopping done. I was also late sending out Christmas cards, but at least that's finally done! I still need to finish up the Christmas shopping for the husband, however. I already purchased some things for him that I know he's going to love.hehe Still, I want to get a few more things for him.

Yesterday he told me I didn't have to buy him anything else. I didn't think he quite understood what I've been through in the past when it came to Christmas. But as it turns out, he said, he knew after I explained why I was shopping for more stuff. I'm not a big spender, so the purchases are still small, but I know he's going to love what I got him and what I am getting him..hehe

I'm finishing the rest of my Christmas shopping today since my best friend is coming by to go with me. I figure we'll make it a girls day out sort of thing.