November 12, 2007

When You're the Victim

When I lived on the east coast, the one thing I worried about was the high accident rate there. And if you're military, you might as well kiss your home state's coverage goodbye. It was one of the reason's why my old insurance company ran the other way, when they found out my ex-husband had been stationed on the east coast.

I remember one time when my ex-husband was a fault for a fender bender. We pulled over out of the way of traffic and took responsibility for our mistake. However, when the driver of the van that we'd hit found out that we'd called the police to report the accident, he left immediately.

Even though the accident was our fault, I often wonder what would have happened if it wasn't and the driver took off. What if we were seriously injured? What could we do? Where could we turn?

Even though I no longer live on the east coast, but I know there are readers who do. If you happen to be a resident of North Carolina and are not sure where to turn to, Raleigh accident lawyers can help.

They're experienced specifically in accident cases which is why they have my vote. If I am going to choose a lawyer, I want one who specializes in a specific area and not just anything and everything. It's your life we're talking about here. Why risk it with a lawyer who doesn't know much about one particular area. Look for a lawyer who knows the subject. It's your life!