November 19, 2007

To Ease the Pain

Lately I've been experiencing a lot of pain in my hand. It's cause is from work. During the daytime when I am moving around a lot, the pain is bearable, but at night or in the evening when I am winding down from the day, the pain gets to a point where I am ready to give in and head to the ER.

I can't however. Why? Well it's as simple as I cannot afford insurance. If I am hired on full-time with the job I have now, maybe. But for now, there is no insurance. So, why doesn't your husband put you on his, you might ask. Hmm well, at first he never seemed to have the time to put me on there. Now it's too late because his insurance has ran out.

So without insurance I'm stuck in a rut or as some would say, up the creek without a paddle. So what to do? Well, lately my only option as been muscle cream. I found one that I thought would work on my hand, but it doesn't help whatsoever.

So now I am back to square. What I fear is purchasing another muscle cream and finding out it won't work. After the holidays there may not be any insurance, so I may very well have to rely on a cream. Besides, I am not a fan of doctors or surgery, so right now I'd rather use an ointment to help with the pain.

I was looking at a product called Freeze It gel and wondering if it would help any better. It's meant for joint, arthritis and sore muscle pain. There are a few testimonials about the product which look promising, so I wonder if it would work for me.

What do you guys think?

Would Freeze It Gel be a good idea? Do you think it is worth a try? Heck the way my life is going right now it would be nice if one good thing would go my way. Maybe if I eliminate one problem or at least help with it, I might get a boost of positive energy and begin eliminate the rest of my problems in this thing we call life.

Ease my pain, see my kids again (The photo pictured to the above right includes: myself, my husband and our children), pay off all of my past debt, get a car to get to and from work, publish my novel, speak to others about low self-esteem and abuse, etc. These are just a few of my goals, dreams, etc that I am working towards.

A lot of big goals, I know. But no one can do them but me. At least maybe freeze it gel can help. Here's to wishful thinking!