November 1, 2007

This and That

I'm at a wits end on what to do about a personal problem I'm having to deal with right now. I'm not able to take the time off from work to contact anyone and they won't contact me back. Time is running out I fear.

The second job takes up 99% of my free time and the other 1% of my free time is spent with my other job. The money is helpful, but the hours are tiring. I'm getting ready to work even more hours due to a shift change.

Okay. Shouldn't your spouse let you know if he's going to be home late? I mean shouldn't it be a courtesy thing? I am really worried about my husband right now. He got off at 430pm from work and it's now 6pm, and he still hasn't made it home. I tried calling his cell phone, but he's not answering it. I thought maybe he was still at work. He stayed over yesterday to help a guy at work for a little longer. I wouldn't think he would do that twice in a row or especially since he has to get up even earlier for work tomorrow? I guess I'll start panicking if he doesn't show up by 7pm.