November 28, 2007

Sick Again

Looks like I am back to either having food poisoning or the stomach virus is back. I've been feeling crappy all day although this time I didn't take time off from work for it.

It also looks like my hubby caught whatever was going around. When I got home from work the entire house was dark and he was in bed trying to sleep. He said his stomach was bothering him. I did talk him into driving me to look at the van. It wasn't worth it, so I'm back to square one with looking for a vehicle.

As sad as it sounds, I do kinda wonder if the hubby is really that sick. What makes me wonder is he said he went from work to straight home because he wasn't feeling well. I believed him at first, but then when we came back home from looking at the vehicle, I noticed a paintball gun on the kitchen table. I asked him about it and he said it came from his brother and that he got it on his way home from work.

Soo obviously he wasn't sick enough not to be able to stop by his brother's house for a Ohh well...

Time for dinner and then I am headed to bed.