November 8, 2007

Raising Alzheimer's Awareness

As many of you may already know, this isn't my first post about Alzheimer's awareness. A while back I wrote about walking for Alzheimer's. It's a cause I am passionate about.

I worked as a CNA for nearly 2 years before a back injury caused me to set my love for nursing and caring for elderly people aside. If you have ever been a nurse or you've been able to be around our elderly generation, then you know how special they truly are.

I loved hearing the stories of their past! It was as if I was truly living history right along with them! Nothing beats hearing a live story about history verses reading about it in a text book.

It saddens me that so many of our elderly are now facing Alzheimer's. Last Friday at the store my husband pointed out an elderly lady who had stopped in the middle of an isle and looked lost for a moment. I wondered if she had the beginning of Alzheimer's. I worried. What if she wanders off somewhere and cannot find her way home. What if she has no family to worry about her.

She is the reason why it is very important to have a memory screening done for Alzheimer's. It's very important!

While I understand that it is difficult to care for someone with Alzheimer's, it's not a curse or a reason to ignore or fear.

If you're unfamiliar with the facts about Alzheimer's, please feel free to visit the Alzheimer's Foundation of America website where you can find more information about Alzheimer's, including: "successful aging tips."

While you are there, please consider making a holiday gift of a contribution for Alzheimer's. It's important that we find a cure. Without it, our loved one's memories may be lost forever and I don't want to see that happen! I love learning about our history through our elderly! Don't you??