November 12, 2007

Just For Fun

This comes from Crummy Cupcake. I rarely have time to do these anymore, but I have a free day from work, so I thought I would respond to her meme tag.

Here goes:

Four First Names of (unrequited) Crushes I’ve Had:
1. Jon (a bully in kindergarten back when I had a crush on him then, but now a sweetheart)
2. Terry (Another Grade School crush. I'm still trying to figure this one out.)
3. The Greatest American Hero (My first true kindergarten love)
4. Cory (aka husband)

Four Pieces of Clothing I wish I still owned:
1. my peacoat which was lost to some Las Vegas's storage company.
2. my crushed..... wine colored.... velvet... flared leg, pants.
3. My silver leather jacket
4. the white dress that my cousin gave me

Names I’ve been called at one time or another:
1. Leann ( which is actually my middle name and known to by my closest online friends)
2. virigina slim (the cb handle name given to me by my aunt. Has nothing to do with the cigarette)
3. Slick (my cousin's name for me since I had a habit of sneaking up on people)
4. Wilemeana, moondog. (names given my those who hated me for whatever reason in school.)

Four Professions I Secretly Want to Try:
1. Bodyguard
2. Bouncer
3. Actress
4. Assassin

Four Musicians I’d most want to go on a date with:
1. Jon Bon Jovi
2. Brett Michaels
3. Johnny Depp
4. Keanu Reeves

Four Foods I’d Rather Throw than Eat:
1. Creamed Corn
2. Pizza
3. Licorice
4. rare steak

Four Things I Like to Sniff:
1. ocean
2. my husband when he wears tag body spray
3. freshly baked bread
4. freshly bathed babies

Four People to Tag:
I'm going to leave this one open. Whoever would like to fill this out and post it to their blog.... GO FOR IT!