November 25, 2007

I'm Mad Because You're Sick!

That was the exact feeling I got when my husband actually defended me after a day of hell yesterday and me not being able to put up the Christmas Tree.

I guess I should rewind to Friday. After the hustle and bustle of the crowds and work, we decided to venture to Wal-mart so that I could buy a tree and some ornaments. Of course this got my step-daughter really excited and she wanted to know when we'd be putting up the Christmas tree. I told her Saturday after I got home from work.

Saturday rolled around and about mid-day at work my stomach would not stop cramping. I thought it was gas at first, but after not being able to down lunch, I knew something was up. Of course the hubby had already taken the entire week off from work, so I wasn't sure that missing work no matter what, was an option. Plus, because we're in Christmas season, the company I work for doubles our points when we take time off from work and if you have 5 points, you're fired. Luckily I had no points prior.

After my third break, I told my boss I wasn't feeling good and called the hubby to come and get me. I ended up staying in bed the rest of the day/night with cramps and vomiting. We thought it was the same stomach virus the kids had had prior, but I have a sneaky feeling it was Mcdonalds since I never ran a fever and none of this started until after I ordered something from Mcdonalds. To make my suspicions even more reliable, about a week ago my husband and I stopped at Mcdonalds for dinner. Several hours later I was sick.

So to make a long story short, we did not put up the Christmas tree which of course upset my step-daughter. My husband tried to explain that I was sick and wasn't feeling good, but kids will be Kids.. hehe

We're putting up the Christmas tree today since I am peachy keen!!!!