November 8, 2007

Holidays and Work

Just found out yesterday that we may very well have to work Thanksgiving Day. Was looking forward to going out of town Thanksgiving, but either way I go, we're not going out of town. So it doesn't really matter if I work or not now.

The only other problem is there is a rumor that we won't get paid overtime for working Thanksgiving Day. I don't see that one happening since it happens to be a law.

The only thing I am worried about is whether or not we'll be working Christmas Day or not. I do want that day off. I won't know anything until the very last moment.

The good news is I am getting my car this Monday. I'll be paying it in full. My husband tried to argue that I wasn't getting my car Monday, so I laughed.

I am very excited about getting the car since it will mean I won't have to worry about a ride to and from work and I won't have to wait on my ride who gets off 30 minutes later than I do, going home.

I will still need to get tags, taxes and insurance on the car, but I plan on doing that with my next check. My husband is thinking it will taking me a while before I can drive the car, but fat chance of that! lol

Time to finish cooking dinner.I'm making ham and beans for dinner w/ sweet cornbread.