November 27, 2007

Day Two and Counting

It's day two of the six hour work week and already I'm tired. At least I kept very busy today with work. My hand hasn't been giving me as much trouble as it used to. Probably because I haven't been moving a lot of heavy objects around. I am really surprised my back hasn't been giving me trouble with all of the lifting that I do. Most of it is light stuff, however.

I had to put up a couple of signs today. It wasn't anything that was asked of me. I got tired of newbies jamming up the line with boxes, so I put up some signs that asked nicely of course.... not to add more boxes to the line when it's jammed. I don't know if it was my signs or someone grew a brain and pulled their head out of the clouds, but people stopped adding boxes to the line after that!!!

Well, 4 more days before this week is over with. I am just glad we got through the Monday! Speaking of which, a lot of people did not show up for that day. So now I am wondering if we'll actually have to work another 6 day week. We'd better not!!!