October 2, 2007

Uhh Yeah, Okay

I'm glad I had my phone on silent at work today. Technically phones aren't even allowed at work, but because I had to get a ride from someone other than my usual ride today, I had to take my phone into work. Today after work I noticed 3 different calls from my father. I figured I'd call him back when I got home and could relax a bit but that didn't happen since he decided to show up at my doorstep instead.

And boy was he pissed! He kept yelling he was going to get rid of both of his phones because he doesn't receive calls on them. Of course this was a big hint that I hadn't called him back immediately when he called today. Funny however, because he knew I was at work and can't take calls at work. His call was not an emergency either. He just wanted a phone number that I couldn't give him. He went as far as wanting me to stop eating immediately and get him the number. I tried to explain that I was at work and can't take calls and I was eating dinner and could call him later.

Of course that didn't work, it only pissed him off more. So guess who's getting the blame if he does get rid of his phones? Me of course! Oh well. I doubt he will really get rid of them. It's just another one of his guilt trips. And in case you're wondering... Yes, my dad is always like this. Sigh.