October 29, 2007

Soo the Phone Rang and....

It happened to be my best friend. She also happens to be the sister of my daily ride to and from work. She was calling to let me know that we don't have a ride tomorrow to and from work. GREATTTT!!!! So as it happens she informed me she'd call our lead and see if she could get her to give us a ride.

Well a few minutes ago she called me back to let me know that she couldn't get a hold of our lead. BUT! The good news... Her brother is willing to take us to and from work even though he has the day off tomorrow. He is such an awesome person.

Now the neat thing about work is all this week is spirit week. So tomorrow we can wear our pajamas to work. The only stipulation is they have to meet work's regulations. Now normally for me I don't wear pajamas to bed. Yeah, yeah I know. Too much information, huh?

Since I think I would scare everyone if I simply showed up naked, I remembered I do have a pair of pajamas that I lounge around in the house in, so it looks like I will be wearing those to work tomorrow.

Wednesday is costume day, so that should be interesting. They're giving away a $100 gift certificate for work for the best costume, but I doubt I will win since we can't wear anything that will of course go against regulations.lol No gothic dresses for me.hehe Ohhh well...