October 29, 2007

My Dream Bathroom

Okay, since I just learned that my husband will be a little late coming home from work, I thought I would browse at the selection of Delta Faucets that Faucet.com has to offer.

Delta faucet has a wide variety of very beautiful faucets for both the kitchen and the bath. Whenever I remodel my dream home I will probably be looking for a delta faucet! I love the chrome faucet they have here. It is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion and would look great in the bathroom or a bar!

It may actually be sooner than I think since we're in need of a new bathroom faucet. The only thing I am not so sure on is the white handles, but maybe that can be changed? Yep, other handle options are available it says! Whoo Hoo!

I also found that they have free shipping in handling. How cool is that? I love free shipping and handling since we can go out of town with my husband's truck and this town has a limited selection of home remodeling products.

By the way, I would love to hear everyone's ideas for bathroom remodeling. We have two bathrooms. One is for the kids and the other is a master bath. The master bath currently only has a shower. No bathtub. The kids bathroom has a bathtub/shower head. it's the old claw foot bathtub that I absolutely love. No, we can't switch bathrooms.lol

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