October 15, 2007

Music For the Fans

For fans, sometimes it's hard to find every new and happening band that's trying to break into the music world ....and for bands just starting out, it's even harder to keep in contact with fans from all over the world.

I remember in high school how we used to pass along flyers of new and upcoming bands by way of pen pals to promote bands. Times have changed however and postage is no longer reasonable. It's also so much easier to get in touch with both fans and bands through the internet.

And... IndieMV - Musical Intercourse has made it even better by offering music lovers every where a way to keep in touch through video, chat and profile. So whether you are a fan of music or a band looking for fans, IndieMV can make it possible.

This is a great way to offer unsigned bands some exposure and get them noticed! It is also a great way for fans to view new music and get in touch with other fans who love music just as much.

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