October 1, 2007

Me, Myself and I... And a Gun

Yesterday was interesting. My other half is an avid hunter, so when he gets a chance he heads to the shooting range for practice. So, after learning Saturday night that he was heading to the shooting range again, I volunteered myself to go with him since I had never been before. Yes, I actually said I volunteered myself.lol

So when we finally got to the shooting range, I watched him shoot off his semi-automatic and then he decided to show me how to shoot it. At first, he went with just a single bullet. Then 2 hours later I was shooting an entire clip.

It was definitely an experience and I would go again. The only thing that irks me is he wants to choose the gun that I buy. I really have a problem with this and told him so because if I choose to own a gun, I want one that I would enjoy. One that I will handle and shoot. I still don't think he really understands that.. or maybe he does and just doesn't care.lol

Anyway, that was pretty much my day. I tried to call my kids yesterday evening. My ex did pickup the phone, but he said the kids weren't there. They were playing at a friend's house. So I asked him what time they go to bed and he said, 730pm. So I told him I'd call back before their bedtime. I called back and it went directly to the answering machine. I have not been able to talk to my kids for almost a month now! Sigh

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