October 7, 2007

It's Never Ending it Seems

Ever since I started working at my new job I've noticed a sharp pain and numbness in my hand again. Last night it was bad enough that my husband was even concerned. It's happened once before when I worked at a wire factory. Well today the sharp shooting pain and numbness has travel up to my elbow. I can take a good guess that it's carpal tunnel. Sigh.

The one major option that I have is surgery, but that is not an option for me since I cannot afford it due to the lack of insurance and I'm not a fan of surgery. I could go with the insurance provided with the company I am working for, but their cost is extreme and I pay 20% of all bills. However, if it all boils down to it, I will probably do so.

I was looking up natural remedies and did find that vitamin b6 and b12  can help, so I may look into that.

Yoga has also been mentioned as a way to relieve carpal tunnel. I don't really have time for yoga, however. As a matter of fact I don't really have time for any type of exercise other than what I do at work.