October 1, 2007

I Want One!

I actually miss having a digital camera. They were so much fun and I could just shoot photos and upload very quickly without having to worry about the hassle of having anything developed. Plus I could see the photos right away.

I am hoping to get another digital camera soon, like maybe for Christmas. Wishful thinking on my part I'm guessing since my other half isn't really into gift giving. I guess if worse comes to worse I can just buy the camera myself. I found that ritzcamera.com has a really nice selection of digital cameras.

You can even get digital picture frames from them if you like. You can also use their bill me later purchase if your order is more than $500. Pretty cool I think... Especially since Christmas is right around the corner.

I really don't need anything fancy, however. I think a simple digital camera is all I need. One that will take crisp clear photos from up close or a distance..with the ability to see the photo immediately.

If you're wishing for a digital camera like I am for Christmas or whatever the occasion... Send your better half, friend or family member this way and have them check out ritzcamera.com for a nice selection of digital cameras.

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