October 20, 2007

The Cell Phone Crisis Part 2

So apparently after a few days of thinking he was without a cell phone, my husband's cell phone begins working again. Unfortunately, it still has problems. Like, he can't open it all the way to talk on it and the LCD screen is blank. After explaining to his mom that he broke his cell phone, she offered to buy him a new one within reason.

Well, yesterday he visited our local cell phone store and began picking out cell phones that were $200 or more. His favorite. A $359 Razor phone. Something his mom told him she was not willing to buy. So, after calling his mom and telling her about the phones he was interested in... She was not impressed. Of course, I don't blame her. I'm not sure why my husband expects his mom to buy a nearly $400 cell phone for him when he knows she can't afford it.

To piss him off.lol She told him she could buy his brother a new cell phone and give him his brother's old phone. My husband of course was not willing to go that route, so he backed off of wanting an expensive phone and now he's looking at free ones. Heck she already pays his cell phone bill. What more could he want???

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