October 29, 2007

Before You Go Under...

A Tummy Tuck isn't just some everyday routine thing in life. While many of us may already know that, there are some who do not.

When I first wrote an article about liposuction for the company I work for, I thought it would be a very easy, very simple article. It wasn't. Back then I knew very little about liposuction and what was really involved. When I say involved I mean the research in finding a doctor who is qualified for the surgery and knowing what questions to ask before going under the knife.

Talk to friends or family who've had a tummy tuck. Just because a plastic surgeon is listed in the phone book does not mean that he or she is a qualified surgeon.Most of us would not trust our hair with just any hairstylist, so why trust our bodies with just any surgeon?

Do your research. The surgeon you choose should be willing to do a consultation with you beforehand. If not, run the other way.

During the consultation the surgeon should go over the procedure with you and answer any questions or concerns you may have. He or she will also take a look at your age, health and medical history, your tolerance for certain medications you make have to take to decide whether or not you’re a good candidate for this type of procedure. The surgeon should also provide your with a set of instruction on preparing for your surgery.

Without the above, you're putting your life at risk. You could get an infection, have an allergic reaction or worse... die.

Surgery is no simple matter, so when considering a Tummy Tuck, consider yourself as a delicate china that can be broken permanently. I would only suggest having a tummy tuck as a last resort. Then when you think you are ready, do your research. Once you've done your research, check out Mya and their article on having a Tummy Tuck done.

Mya is one of the United Kingdom's largest cosmetic surgery companies and their article I think is worth the read.

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