September 8, 2007

Owning Words

If you haven't checked out the latest in celebrity news, you're not missing much. I did find it disturbing however that celebrities are now owning simple words and suing if anyone uses them. Take Paris Hilton for example. Her most recent reason for being in the news is because she's suing Hallmark cards for use of her photo and the phrase "That's Hot."

Okay, her photo I can understand. But the phrase, "That's Hot?" Come on give me a break! Okay, so that apparently was just the tip of the iceberg. Even more disturbing is the fact that she owns those words! Huh?? How can you own simple words as that's hot?

So now I am wondering, does that mean if Paris Hilton happens to be in a restaurant and a waitress happens to say something like, "Be careful, that's hot!", Paris is going to sue them??? I feel for the waitresses in this world. Look out! You maybe next. If people are allowed to own simple words like those, what's next?

I can see it now actually. We'll never be able to talk again for fear of being sued! I know, I know. Paris isn't the first celebrity or company to get their greedy little paws on words, but this in my opinion has gotten way out of hand!

It's already a known fact that we can go to jail for freedom of speech, but now we have to deal with getting sued for freedom of speech as well...... and that's not so hot!