September 25, 2007

Our Wonderful Neighbors

Since we've moved into our new house, there have been a lot of things we haven't been able to get do to us both having to start over from previous marriages. One thing we've always had to borrow is a lawn mower to get our lawn mowed. Luckily my husband's dad has a lawn mower we can borrow although it's rare for him to ask to borrow it.

Because of that, our grass tends to get a bit higher than everyone else's in the neighborhood. I remember the first week we were here, our neighbor on the right side of us came over and mowed part of our front yard. She didn't mow the other part because she didn't want to be

My husband was okay with her mowing in the beginning, but because she mows once a week (when she mows her yard), he's starting to be upset by it. I guess because he's not used to neighbors who are helpful or he feels badly since we don't have a lawn mower of our own and can't return the favor as often to her.

Well, today our neighbor across the street came over and asked if they could mow our front yard for us. She explained that her husband has a riding lawn mower that he loves to use. He mow their front yard and her dad's front yard who lives on the corner, and he even takes it out to the shooting range and mows there as I'm not sure if our front yard was an excuse to use his lawn mower or they just knew we needed our lawn whatever the reason I said ok because I feel badly that our yard isn't as up to date as everyone elses. I just hope my husband isn't upset about it.

They're a very sweet older couple and have even brought over items for us that they were getting rid of when we first moved into the neighborhood. We ended up with an end table, a bookcase, some planting pots, an old fashioned style radio and a boom box style radio.

Our neighbors are such wonderful people! I am going to have to do something nice for them one of these days.