September 27, 2007

New Work, Muscle Pain and a Migraine From Hell

Yesterday I started a new job. This one is away from home. The reason I took on another job is because we really need the money. My first day at work was fun until I ended up with a migraine. It ended up becoming worse throughout the day and by the time my ride dropped me off to my front door I was on the verge of throwing up.

I'm not sure what it was, but I guess the fresh air helped for a bit until I was on the move again since my husband hadn't cooked dinner and I didn't want to wait. We ended up going to McDonald's with my husband whining because I laid my head in his lap on the way

Well, on the way back I ended up throwing up and along with it, blood. I've never thrown up blood, so it worried me. My husband thought maybe it was from a ulcer, but I don't know. It was only about a tablespoon of blood and a one time thing, but still.

When we did finally get home I was to the point that I didn't want to eat, so I went to bed early or tried anyway. 30 minutes later and my husband wanders into the room and wants to know why I am lying down and if I am going to eat. By now the pain had gotten worse because our crazy dogs wouldn't stop barking, so I told him so. His response? GOOD. And that was the last I saw of him for the rest of the night. Apparently his movie was more important. Sigh.

Today I traded my migraine for muscle At least it wasn't a migraine! I would take muscle pain over that, any day! Right now I can barely walk. I do also have a raw blister on my thumb from work, but that's something that I can easily deal with. I did start carrying excedrin for migraine in my pocket at work, just in case.... I wonder if I have something that might work for muscle pain.. Hmm.

Had to go to walmart after work. For the past few days I've missed my 2nd break because they don't announce it and I didn't have a watch that worked, so I wound up buying one that happened to be on clearance for $5.

Despite the hours and the soon to be crazy overtime, I really enjoy my new job.

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