September 17, 2007

My Own Island.... Someday

Have you ever wanted to own your own island. A place where you can just disappear from the world.. where no one knows about (except for those you tell).... a place where you don't have to answer your cell phone or get online or worry about someone just dropping by without warning.

I don't remember when I started dreaming about owning an island, but the dream still remains strong and someday I plan to turn that dream into reality. The last time I looked at islands, I found a few on ebay. That was several years ago, however. Tonight I was doing some surfing and found a website where island are available for sale or rent: However, the one thing that stunned me was the prices. Umm 10 million for an island??? Who can afford that??

Well, maybe someday or maybe I can find one for a much cheaper part. For now, that dream is still in the works. Or better yet, maybe I'll just take a boat out to the middle of nowhere and get lucky enough to wash up on some deserted