September 13, 2007

Kids and Dinner

I promised everyone and update on my oldest son. Right now he's being stubborn and refuses to try and walk. He is however, sitting up in a chair which is good news! Now let's hope he's a little less stubborn and starts walking again soon. My other two rugrats are doing fine as well. Just being typical kids.

I decided to get rid of the northern beans that have been in the cabinet for about a month or so. Soooo I made ham and beans for dinner. I'm not much for ham and beans, but the recipe I found actually sounded good and I made some sweet cornbread to go along with it. A new recipe I found as well, so I can't wait to try it. The cornbread is actually made with honey, so I am very sure it's going to be yummy.

Time for dinner and a horror flick!