September 13, 2007

Holiday Flying

With everything beginning to look up here, I may very well consider taking a vacation sooner than I had figured. is a UK travel company offering worldwide services to travelers looking for weekend breaks. This is an awesome idea, especially for me right now since my schedule is very hectic and I really can't take time off from work to get away on a vacation.

Dialaflight isn't just about great weekend breaks, however. They also offer hotel accommodations and care hire (very similar to limousine service). So, whether you're looking for short breaks to places like, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Prague, Vienna or Venice... Dialflight can make it happen for you. How cool is that?

Even if you live in the US you can still use Dialflight's services since they offer city breaks as well. Looking for a way to get away over Thanksgiving or Christmas break? Dialflights has some fantastic holiday offers as well. I could see myself on Langkawi Beach for the holidays.

If you're looking for a weekend away from the kids, work, whatever... You'll definitely want to check out Hmm I wonder....

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