September 19, 2007

Gag and Run.....

I'm always looking for ways to try new products without having to waste a lot of money. That is why I absolutely love free samples. A few weeks ago I received a free sample of The New Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips. I was really excited about trying them because I've always wanted to whiten my teeth without having to wait around or deal with a mess.

Well, last week I was finally able to try my free sample and the results were less than impressive. The first thing I noticed was that the strips were not easy to get from point A (out of the package) to point B (to my teeth).... although Listerine claims they are easy to apply. The strips actually reminded me of a very thing fruit roll up. One false move and the strip could easily stick to itself and become unusable.

Once I was able to position the strips after somewhat of a hassle, I decided that maybe I should ease up on my first reaction and see what happens next. I swear I was thinking positive!

After a few minutes of being on my teeth I began to notice that my mouth was becoming very dry. Not your average dry, but extremely dry. And then my mouth became very sticky! So much for positive thoughts! After about five minutes the strips turned into a nasty.... gummy mess.

About the only thing I can agree on with Listerine is that they do dissolve. I'm not sure on the exact time, however. I couldn't stand it after the gummy mess and decided to brush away the mess... which by the way was a big mistake. After brushing, it leaves a very nasty after-taste. Yuck.

I honestly do not recommend this product to anyone. You're better off finding another way to whiten your teeth.